About Corvidae

Reaching beyond Google 360 and Adobe Analytics, Corvidae is the only attribution solution which completely rebuilds your marketing data.

Our Story

After working for the largest independent search marketing agency and then going on to create his own performance marketing agency, QueryClick, it’s safe to say our Founder, Chris Liversidge, had become an expert in the struggles digital marketers had when it came to really understanding the value in their marketing efforts.

It was because of this knowledge and experience that clients began to approach us with their attribution problems – and we were propelled onto our path to achieving accurate attribution.

They needed help to measure the impact of our digital marketing activity on their store footfall but were juggling off-the-shelf analytics tools, default last-click measurement and broken user journeys to figure it out.

There had to be a better way…

Our work led to a massive discovery, and one which shocks most marketers today, pretty much all web data is around 80% wrong. Not to mention the fact that it was now clear to us that there were no suitable or reliable tools on the market for today’s digital marketer.

It was from this point that we vowed not to create just another attribution tool, we wanted to fix the underlying problem with attribution.

Fast forward to today and following years of development, fine-tuning and several millions of pounds in investment, we have created Corvidae – a truly unique approach to marketing attribution.

Working with Edinburgh University, we created this new approach which uses a patented blend of AI and Machine Learning to understand the value of every marketing interaction across the customer journey. Allowing digital marketers to reallocate budget and make smarter decisions to drive improved ROI.

This hard work has led us to creating an attribution solution we’re proud of, one which revolutionises attribution for our clients and is award winning too.

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The Corvidae Journey

corvidae journey 2011 - 2021

Our Attribution Pioneers

Chris Liversidge

CEO and Founder

Jason Haffey

Head of Engineering

Simon Tapson

Head of Product

Justin Matters

Lead Data Scientist

Claud Monro

Client Success Account Director

CT Qulami

Senior Software Engineer

Pooja Pandit

Senior QA Engineer

Raj Sharma

Senior DevOps Engineer

Nithin Mundrathi

Data Scientist

Jeremy Keelty

Data Engineer

Drilon Agolli

Full Stack Engineer

Dan Brownlow

Front End Engineer

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