80% of your core analytics data is wrong

Reaching beyond Google 360 and Adobe Analytics, Corvidae is the only attribution solution which completely rebuilds your marketing data.

Achieve new levels of digital marketing performance

The average Corvidae deployment reveals that up to 48% of a brand’s marketing channel reporting is incorrect. It’s poor quality data that causes this critical failure. We’ve found that a shocking 80% of this raw data is inaccurate due to assumptions made about sessions, direct traffic, channel classification, and poor multidevice measurement.

Corvidae Knowledge Base

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How Corvidae works


We ingest up to 2 years’ raw analytics clickstream from your existing analytics tag (Adobe or GA360).


We rebuild the data using ML to ‘see’ the individuals behind the clickstream data and their full conversion journey.


Each journey is then stitched into data silos where ad exposure overlaps with a customer and improved conversion.

Automate & Report

Dynamic API endpoints and hourly model refresh means customer data can be bedded into any tech stack. Also gain access to our multichannel performance marketing suite.

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Benefits for Digital Marketers

Transform data accuracy

  • Completely rebuild analytics data to eliminate inaccuracy that prevents effective marketing attribution
  • Increased marketing performance insight, down to individual campaigns & impressions

View the complete customer journey

  • Unified analytics online and off – a genuinely accurate single point of truth

Maximise return on investment  

  • Identify wasted & cannibalising spend in any marketing campaign in your mix
  • Better allocate budget for increased ROI, & maximise reach at the lowest CPA

Correctly value content & build top of funnel

  • Identify content that works in the earliest stages of customer interaction
  • Value brand activity and non-converting content & impressions to put all marketing activity to work

Automate customer acquisition

  • Access multichannel feeds to automate incremental customer acquisition at lowest CPAs
  • Convert customers based on their probability to convert at any given moment in time

Enable dynamic data science analysis & action

  • Perform advanced data science, such as price elasticity, on your customer data lake
  • Data science views available for use as API endpoints for bid automation

A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Right Attribution Solution

Spend wastage drastically reduced through attributions

QueryClick found £48m of digital revenues were incorrectly attributed for one of Wiggle’s £100m turnover B2C brands, with £16.1m more revenue attributable via paid channels than their Marin & Google media mix model suggested.

Increased conversions through keyphrase matching

QueryClick delivered a conversion rate uplift of 13% and a PPC revenue increase of 16% for mobile traffic by improving keyphrase matching to ad creative.