Attribution for Cmos

Attribution That Helps Your Business Grow

Empower your team to make the right marketing decisions to optimise spend.

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See the real impact of your marketing.

Directly tie the impact of your marketing efforts on the company’s bottom line. 

Our sophisticated attribution modelling stitches together the complete customer journey so you can see how every touchpoint impacts conversions – even upper funnel activity!

Cut through the reporting noise.

Access the data you need at a click of a button – all in easy-to-digest reports. 

Corvidae’s suite of reports gives you the most impactful reporting, with the ability to create custom reports for better, accurate analysis.

chief marketing officer graphic
chief marketing officer graphic

Spend smarter.

Marketing budgets are tight, empower your team to make the best decisions to drive growth. 

Corvidae’s cookieless attribution allows you to cut out AdTech reporting bias to create a single source of truth so you can stop spending in the channels that don’t work – and find greater opportunities at a lower CPA.

At Corvidae’s Core

100% Cookieless

Attribution you can trust – with zero cookies. 

Ground-breaking Data Accuracy

Boost the accuracy of your analytics data from 20% to +95%.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Compliantly track user journeys with AI-driven attribution.

You’re in good company.

CMOs at some of the world’s biggest brands are already using Corvidae to reduce wasted spend and drive growth. So, you can trust that you’re in good company. 

Ready to get started?

Getting started with Corvidae couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s your first ascent into attribution or you’re looking to make a switch, our team are on-hand to make the move as easy as possible.

With their expert support, you’ll be on the road to seeing results like these.

20:1 ROAS

on Google Ads

35:1 ROAS

on Facebook

*Corvidae’s average campaign impact

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