Corvidae for Retail  

Understand the complete customer journey – reassign marketing budget with confidence and convert more customers for less.

Get the most from your marketing spend

For retail marketers seeking to elevate their attribution game, Corvidae offers a tailored solution designed to help your customer acquisition efforts. Our platform empowers you to squeeze the most value from every penny of your marketing spend, ensuring that your budget is allocated where it truly matters.

2-3X longer customer paths than Google Analytics

With Corvidae, you gain visibility over the full customer journey, with attributed customer paths 2-3X longer than those provided by Google Analytics! Longer customer paths meaning more data to optimse your marketing efforts, helping your drive up the value delivered by your marketing spend!

See Results with Corvidae

34% Decrease in Cost Per Conversions

89% Increase in
Return On Ad Spend

46% Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost

Allocate your effort where it counts

By stitching together every touchpoint a potential customer makes with you on their journey, we enable you to pinpoint precisely where your marketing efforts are driving conversions, allowing you to optimise your budget allocation accordingly.
Our sophisticated attribution modeling goes beyond the basics, offering a comprehensive view of each interaction with your brand. This means you can identify the most influential touchpoints and strategically allocate your budget for maximum impact on customer acquisition, all while maintaining cost efficiencies.

Ready your attribution for a privacy focused future

Worried about upcoming changes in marketing measurement as the world prioritises consumer privacy? Rest assured, Corvidae is ahead of the curve. Our platform is completely cookieless and GDPR compliant, ensuring that you’re prepared for the future of marketing attribution.

Solving The Retail Attribution