Marketing Attribution for Paid Media Marketers

Attribution That Drives Real ROAS

Remove AdTech bias to create a single source of truth.

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Cut out reporting bias.

Don’t take it from Facebook or Google. Cut out the bias to see which channels are really driving results. 

Corvidae’s suite of reports will show you where you’re cannibalising spend across Facebook and Google. And even where the most efficient spend opportunities lie within your campaigns.

Get more from your spend.

Clearly see the campaigns that are having an impact – and the ones that aren’t. So, you can adjust spend to make the most of your budget. 

Corvidae shows you how your campaigns are performing, and where the best profitability points exist so, you understand how much you’re paying for growth. And where the most efficient spend opportunities are.

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paid media graphic

Dig into the detail.

All the attribution data you need, available right down to campaign and adset level. Create custom reports for better, accurate analysis.

Corvidae’s session stitching technology rebuilds your analytics data to over 95% accuracy. So, you can trust you’re making the right decisions backed by truly accurate data.

At Corvidae’s Core

100% Cookieless

Attribution you can trust – with zero cookies. 

Ground-breaking Data Accuracy

Boost the accuracy of your analytics data from 20% to +95%.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Compliantly track user journeys with AI-driven attribution.

You’re in good company.

Corvidae is already helping paid media marketers at some of the world’s biggest brands cut down on cannibalisation to boost ROAS. So, you can trust that you’re in good company. 

Ready to get started?

Getting started with Corvidae couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s your first ascent into attribution or you’re looking to make a switch, our team are on-hand to make the move as easy as possible.

With their expert support, you’ll be on the road to seeing results like these.

20:1 ROAS

on Google Ads

35:1 ROAS

on Facebook

*Corvidae’s average campaign impact

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