Corvidae vs.
Google Analytics

Find out why marketers are switching to Corvidae to gain an accurate, compliant and unbiased view of their performance.

Corvidae vs Google Analytics

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The problem with Google Analytics.

Your customers are unique – and so are their buying journeys.
To fully understand your marketing performance, your analytics tool needs to reflect this.
But most marketers still use Google Analytics.

Why should I avoid Google Analytics? 

If you’re here, then you already know that Google Analytics isn’t fit for purpose. 

But how big of a deal is it, really? 

Google has historically relied on cookies to gather and collate data. And although they are deprecating third-party cookies, this doesn’t solve the underlying issue.

Corvidae vs GA User Journeys

Cookies can’t track multi-channel, multi-device journeys.

As soon as your customer switches to a different device, it splits a full journey into two separate paths.
Google will then only apply their Data Driven Attribution model to the converting path, resulting in:

Overinflated revenue reporting

Undervalued upper funnel activity

Increase in wasted marketing spend

Why choose Corvidae?


longer customer paths


increase in conversions


ROAS in Google Ads

Futureproof your analytics with a GDPR compliant Google Analytics alternative.

Gain an unbiased view of performance.

Combine data sources in one place, so you can understand the impact of every channel and remove AdTech bias. 

Corvidae’s suite of reports will show you where you’re cannibalising spend across Facebook and Google. And even where the most efficient spend opportunities lie within your campaigns.

Gain an unbiased view of performance
Understand the full customer journey

Protect your marketing measurement.

Google Analytics has been ruled as non-GDPR compliant across Europe.

Ensure your analytics are protected by swapping to a GDPR compliant alternative. Corvidae uses a first-party pixel and patented Machine Learning technology to compliantly track users and doesn’t store any PII.

Understand the full customer journey.

Corvidae rebuilds your customer journeys, providing user paths that are twice as long as Google Analytics.

So, you can target back towards the top of the funnel, where clicks are cheaper and your competition has less visibility.

cross device journey graphic

Google Analytics vs. Corvidae

A side-by-side comparison.

Tracks without the need for cookies
Uses machine learning for better attribution modelling
Advanced data anonymisation
Zero-identity tracking
Does not store personally identifiable information
100% data control
Unsampled data
Data is private and not shared with third parties
GDPR compliant out of the box
Data backups and redundancy
Suitable for industries handling sensitive data i.e. banking, governments, telecoms and healthcare
Number of user accounts
Starts at £1,999 per month
Free (up to 10 million hits per month)
Data is shared with DoubleClick, Google Ads clients and other Google products
Starts at £120,000
Data is shared with DoubleClick, Google Ads clients and other Google products

Ready to try attribution the Corvidae way?

Getting started on the road to accurate, cookieless attribution doesn’t have to be complicated.
Our team are on-hand to make the move to a new attribution tool as easy as possible.