Attribution for Partners

Attribution That Sets
Your Business Apart

Provide real value to your client – that they won’t get
anywhere else.

partnership attribution header graphic
partnership attribution graphic

Drive growth for your clients.

Reporting that goes above and beyond.

With patented, cookieless attribution, you can help your clients understand how their channels and campaigns are really performing – right down to adset and keyword level.

Cut out reporting bias across your AdTech to create a single source of truth, so you only spend where it matters to achieve higher revenue and ROI.

Get the recognition you deserve.

Shine a light on the impact your hard work has on the end goal.

Our sophisticated attribution modelling stitches together the complete customer journey so you can see how every touchpoint impacts conversions – even upper funnel activity!

partnership attribution graphic
partnership attribution graphic

Expand your expertise.

Showcase yourself as a forward-thinking partner by delivering accurate, innovative attribution.

By using the only completely cookieless attribution solution, you’ll be ahead of the curve and ready to futureproof your clients for the cookieless future.

Provide your clients with actionable insights they won’t get anywhere else.

At Corvidae’s Core

100% Cookieless

Attribution you can trust – with zero cookies. 

Ground-breaking Data Accuracy

Boost the accuracy of your analytics data from 20% to +95%.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Compliantly track user journeys with AI-driven attribution.

Ready to get started?

Getting started with Corvidae couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s your first ascent into attribution or you’re looking to make a switch, our team are on-hand to make the move as easy as possible.

With their expert support, you’ll be on the road to seeing results like these.

20:1 ROAS

on Google Ads

35:1 ROAS

on Facebook

*Corvidae’s average campaign impact

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