Our Attribution Model

See the complete, cross-device journey to make the right spend decisions.

Customer journeys are complex, but attribution doesn’t have to be. Corvidae’s attribution model unifies data silos, allowing you to understand where the true value lies in your marketing efforts.

cross device journey graphic

Benefits of our attribution model.

Swap broken cookies for accurate AI-driven attribution.

Optimise your marketing budget

Understand where the opportunities for growth lie in your marketing mix.

Improve the quality of your underlying data

Our AI-driven model fixes your broken analytics data for accurate attribution.

Understand the customer journey at the most granular level

Corvidae creates user paths that are twice as long as Google Analytics for a more complete view of the entire customer journey.

What attribution model does Corvidae use?

Corvidae uses a 3-stage process to collect, rebuild and unify your analytics data.

Our cookieless, AI-driven technology is core to breaking down silos to provide you with an accurate, uncannibalised view of every step of the customer journey.

An attribution tool to drive growth.

You’ve tried outdated attribution tools that make a maze out of measurement. It’s time to try attribution the Corvidae way.

20:1 ROAS

on Google Ads

35:1 ROAS

on Facebook

*Corvidae’s average campaign impact

Ready to try attribution the Corvidae way?

Getting started on the road to accurate, cookieless attribution doesn’t have to be complicated.
Our team are on-hand to make the move to a new attribution tool as easy as possible.


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