GDPR Compliance

Futureproof your marketing with a compliant Google Analytics alternative.

Corvidae’s patented AI technology removes the need for any cookies, to compliantly collect and measure performance with over 95% accuracy (compared to only 20% accuracy when using cookie-based systems).

corvidae platform interface

Benefits of Corvidae’s AI technology.

Be ready for the future of marketing measurement with compliant, cookieless attribution.

100% cookieless

Futureproof your marketing measurement with Corvidae’s cookieless attribution.

Compliantly builds user journeys

Corvidae creates user paths that are twice as long as Google Analytics for a more complete view of the entire customer journey.

Rebuilds data to +95% accuracy

Our AI-driven model fixes your broken analytics data for accurate attribution.

A quick guide to Compliant Marketing Analytics

A Quick Guide to Compliant Marketing Analytics

Google Analytics vs. Corvidae

Tracks without the need for cookies
Uses machine learning for better attribution modelling
Advanced data anonymisation
Zero-identity tracking
Does not store personally identifiable information
100% data control
Unsampled data
Data is private and not shared with third parties
GDPR compliant out of the box
Data backups and redundancy
Suitable for industries handling sensitive data i.e. banking, governments, telecoms and healthcare
Number of user accounts
Starts at £1,999 per month
Free (up to 10 million hits per month)
Data is shared with DoubleClick, Google Ads clients and other Google products
Starts at £120,000
Data is shared with DoubleClick, Google Ads clients and other Google products

Corvidae vs. Google Analytics

Find out more about how Corvidae compares to Google Analytics.

How to ensure your analytics are GDPR compliant

Many analytics tools are illegal from a GDPR perspective. So what does that mean for your analytics?

Compliant analytics isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s essential for your marketing and your business. Use our guide to see if your analytics tools are Schrems II compliant.

Ready to try attribution the Corvidae way?

Getting started on the road to accurate, cookieless attribution doesn’t have to be complicated.
Our team are on-hand to make the move to a new attribution tool as easy as possible.


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