Unified marketing attribution that works

Did you know 80% of your web analytics data is broken thanks to reliance on 1st party cookies?

Rebuild it with Corvidae.

Corvidae Unified Marketing Attribution & Analytics

World class marketing attribution accuracy and unique data precision

Unify everything

Join digital to traditional and cut your CPMs in half for the same target household.

Discover how Vitality received 40:1 ROI with their Corvidae deployment.

Remove wasted spend

Unbundle siloed adtech, and eliminate all wasted spend.

Learn how we removed lossmaking Facebook ads, and found £1.6m of extra revenue.

Discover how Corvidae removed waste in Google Ads and realised an extra £1.4m.

Maximise Reach

Corvidae’s predictive modelling also powers 1st party audience targeting that outperforms DV360 with a 4x uplift at 1/2 the CPA.

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Why are my analytics broken?

Existing analytics relies on broken technology – pixels and cookies – to create a picture of users behind their devices. Corvidae replaces this old technology with proprietary AI developed in collaboration with Europe’s largest Data Science School within Edinburgh University.
Corvidae replaces existing deterministic tag and cookie technology with predictive AI that rebuilds your marketing analytics data to produce industry leading performance marketing insight and automation.

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Unified attribution is a keystone technology for modern marketers.

Corvidae uses patented predictive ML to compliantly create a 1st party entity graph of every individual behind the devices experiencing your digital and physical marketing activity. Our proprietary AI maps and scores every interaction each individual entity experiences in their path through your marketing activity, providing a unified attributed value.

Radical Accuracy and Precision

  • Unbundle the likes of Facebook and Google media spend to understand where your marketing activity is cannibalistic or failing to add new, incremental customers into your conversion funnel.
  • Gain insight into the attributed value of individual ad creatives, or target keyphrases, and their contribution to incremental revenue.
  • Look across digital and traditional data sets with a single view, unlocking the ability to spend more in lower cost per acquisition channels, and move spend away from saturated, last click adtech activity.
  • Corvidae joins your unique, 1st party marketing data to your wider martech easily and compliantly, allowing all aspects of your marketing operation to use a single attributed view of performance.
  • Take advantage of Corvidae’s advanced AI modelling to feed predictive targeting models to your adtech, automating new customer acquisition and optimisation at the highest overall ROAS.
  • Onboard Corvidae using your existing enterprise analytics pixel data and benefit from model lookback optimisation for unparalleled predictive accuracy and historic uplift analysis.
  • Optionally develop and integrate custom data science using the Corvidae data platform, and plug your own reporting into our dynamic reporting API.

Using an agile SAAS architecture deployed entirely in Azure, Corvidae benefits from robust cloud infrastructure, and fine-grained data control and security.

Pricing From £1,999 pcm

40:1 ROI multichannel deployment


(billed annually)
(or £3,750/month)


(billed annually)
(or £9,700/month)

Prices are excluding tax which will be applied as applicable according to local regulation

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