Corvidae Integrations

As we grow beyond our Essential Corvidae deployment, our bank of active and prototype integrations grows with us.

Corvidae currently sources data from key MarTech and AdTech ecosystems, rebuilds and integrates them into its AI model, then provides aggregated report data into our Azure datalake for API access by our microservices architecture for use in our SAAS front end and PowerBI dashboarding.

We integrate with third party services in three distinct ways.

The first is to collect clickstream data which predates the day we integrate your business onto our platform, so we can expedite our learning; this happens once. The second is to enrich our dataset with third party datapoints like keyword, campaign or ad spend; this happens continuously. The third is that we provide a streamlined version of our proprietary pixel to your partners so that they can send event data to us from anywhere on or off the web; this happens as the events occur.

Analytics Platforms

Optionally, Google Analytics 360 or Adobe Analytics data, where already deployed, can be used to backdate our attribution to a point before the Corvidae Pixel was deployed, allowing us to offer an attributed view of performance compared to the previous year.

While GA360 or Adobe pixel data can be used and rebuilt by our ML & AI systems to replace the cookie data that causes attribution failure, deployment of Corvidae’s pixel is always preferred and will be undertaken in parallel to remove GA or Adobe dependence at some future point. Corvidae’s pixel architecture is also designed to offer a more complete and rich connection across all events including offsite impression events, contributing a much richer and more granular dataset for modelling.

Prioritisation and Development Paths

Corvidae was launched to market in 2021, currently our development pipeline is prioritised based on typical distribution of media spends for our customers. Today, online media spend is dominated by Search, Social, and Display advertising – which includes the rapidly growing programmatic video medium, which as of September 2021 became 47% of all TV view activity in North America.

Offering ½ the CPA on impressions, programmatically placed video advertising is a high growth, low cost area for media allocation that is perfect for attributed analysis to fairly value the impact of top of funnel activity.

Integrations are a key part of our development strategy, and all priorities are revisited and refined in line with client demand, meaning we stay in touch with audience behaviour wherever it moves to give you the greatest possible addressable reach within a default Corvidae deployment.

If you don’t see an integration you are looking for here, please discuss with your rep to allow for a scoping and estimation of deployment date for a custom integration that is key for your market.

Search Advertising

Our search ads integrations validate directly with the supplier, using APIs or flat file server-to-server access as appropriate, which programmatic functions to connect and ensure fresh data is always available. We collect data to the most granular level, for use in our rebuilding process and joining of an ad’s impression into the customer conversion paths as established by your AI model. Ad ID and variant data is collected, along with campaign name, spend and ad creative associated with each ad touchpoint.

Where contextual marketing or bid data is available, that information is also collected and processed – for example from Google Display Network / Shopping, Search retargeting cohorts, etc.

Integrated / Essential

  • Google Ads (Paid)


  • Microsoft Ads (Paid)
  • Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools (Organic)


  • Yandex
  • Baidu
  • Naver

Social Advertising

Our social ads integrations collect similar information to their search counterparts with the added bonus that in some cases, social ads often offer rich demographic or cohorting datasets.

Corvidae uses a unique method and dataset to ‘Unbundle’ aggregated data from Adtech partners that only offer aggregated impression performance data, using its patented AI to establish a clear connection between impression activity and subsequent conversion behaviour, even where no direct click is made – replacing the attributed value offered by partners like Facebook, which may be claiming much more than their fair share of credit for an impression.

Integrated / Essential

  • Facebook for Business Ads
  • Instagram for Business Ads


  • YouTube Advertising


  • TikTok Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads

Search Optimisation Tools

These integrations provide a single view of overall search performance and opportunity for Paid and Organic search marketers.

Thanks to Corvidae’s ability to attribute to individual keyphrase terms, Corvidae offers a unique perspective on channel cannibalisation, and customer performance compared to the competition. De-siloing the traditional walls between paid and organic can be very powerful, just ask Tesco Mobile, who worked with QueryClick to remove £1m of wasted media spend using these data insights in 2021.

Competitive analysis of organic opportunity, and unique rankability metrics allow you to fine-grain your organic growth strategy.

Integrated / Essential

  • Google Search Console (Organic)
  • Google Keyword Planner


  • aHREFSs
  • Google PageSpeed Insights


  • Semrush
  • Moz

Affiliate, Programmatic, Native and Email Marketing

This is the most substantial category of integration, and one we intend to develop as client demand increases.

Data from platforms which offer affiliate, programmatic, native or email marketing can be combined with data collected by our Corvidae pixel to create rich and useful datasets for insight and automation. This list is not exhaustive; these integrations have either been embedded into an existing prototype or have been put forward by our clients.

A number of these integrations have been made for existing customers, but have not been released to General Availability for all customers.


  • Google Display & Video 360
  • AWIN
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Appnexus


  • Taboola
  • Outbrain
  • Klaviyo
  • MailChimp
  • Tradedoubler
  • Rakuten
  • Yahoo Gemini
  • Rubicon Project
  • Pubmatic

App Tracking

We deploy our pixel first party for impression and event tracking in-app. Typically these are custom deployments, but we are adding standard integrations to allow wide-ranging adoption as a partner acknowledged analytics tag in iOS and Android ecosystems.


  • Android
  • iOS

CRM / CDP / ERP Integrations & Data Visualisation

Again, we have a number of custom deployments to allow integration with customer ERP, CDP and CRM systems, to enable full MarTech stack integration. Our microservices architecture and Azure data-lake enable easy integration with almost any existing deployment, and Corvidae can operate as a key part of the marketing measurement and automation systems, by passing attributed data across all activity into relationship management systems with pre-configured automations for existing customers who are scored with high probability to be close to a conversion.

Full stack integration allows prospecting and remarketing to operate seamlessly with 1st party data.

An active area of development, we are focussed on catering today for custom deployment thorugh our Enterprise product, but plan to bring more pre-built functionality into our Premium and Essential tiers.

Integrated / Essential

  • PowerBI
  • Azure


  • Microsoft Dataverse (Customer Insights / Power Platform)


  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Tableau
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • SAP


Corvidae was built to enable integration of offline activity using its patented probabilistic ML session rebuilding technology. We have integrated TV and Radio spot data, in-store footfall, and retail sales volumes compared to FMCG tracked activity.

Every offline integration is custom and specified case-by-case. Please work with your rep to agree the parameters of deployment, and benefit from Universal Attribution across online and off.


In addition to supporting specific integrations, Corvidae’s API system is planned to be exposed for direct consumption of all available aggregated data used for reporting found in our PowerBI suite, and SAAS interface.

Recommendations for high impact media spend adjustments, and platform optimisation will be made in app and via API simultaneously as they are added to the Corvidae insight suite.

Corvidae 1st Party Pixel

Finally, for all custom or currently unsupported partner integrations, the Corvidae pixel is available and deployable as 1st party where possible, with partners configuring their DNS to call from a provisioned and secure IP. By design, the pixel is context agnostic. Anywhere an HTTP/S request can be made this pixel can collect data.

Whether you require measurement of a content partner, TV, an ad network, email campaign, epos or project management system, Corvidae is ready and able to support, reach out today to discuss your scope with our team and benefit from predictive unified analytics and marketing AI.