Corvidae Onboarding and Wraparound Support

Our personalised onboarding includes a thorough discovery phase, including data audits to ensure robust, ongoing data capture.

Our experienced team are authentic specialists in their fields, too, so you can rest easy knowing your data attribution is being rebuilt by the experts.

Client onboarding actions

  • Confirm channels & partners for inclusion
  • Grant analytics platform access
    • GA360 – we need read permissions from the big query table where clickstream data is stored
    • Adobe – we either need admin permissions to set up an adobe data feed export or have someone else set up that feed
    • Corvidae pixel – we will (usually) deploy the pixel through GTM so admin access here will allow QueryClick to handle deployment
  • Provide test purchase details
  • Confirm dev resource is available for tagging implementation
  • Make agency partner introductions where relevant
  • Complete onboarding document
  • Share current tracking set up, confirm ability to adapt to QueryClick requirements and make relevant agency introductions
  • Confirm users who should have access & emails addresses

Onboarding timeline

ActionWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Kick Off MeetingKick off meetingX
AccessClient grant access to analytics & tagging platformsX
QueryClick set up DNSX
DeploymentQueryClick deploy pixelX
TaggingClient to make relevant agency introductionsX
Agency partners to document current campaign naming conventionsX
Agency partners to document current tagging set upX
Agency partners to share available macrosX
QueryClick to share required click & impression trackersX
QueryClick and client to document conversion types by channelX
Visit-Level AttributionData collection set upX
Agency partners and QueryClick implement and test trackersX
Data rebuildingX
QueryClick to review sample clickstream and define classificationX
Data modellingX
TrainingCustomer success trainingX
Platform AccessAccess granted and onboarding completeX

Wraparound support

Support is available in the following options:

  • Onboarding training to help understand how to use the platform – free of charge and delivered as part of onboarding
  • Analysis & Insight – support from our marketing services team can be scoped on request. This support can help to identify areas of wasted spend, channel cannibalisation or areas of opportunity. This support can be accessed on an ad hoc / one off basis or as part of a consultancy retainer.