Marketing Attribution for Shoe Brands

Attribution for shoe brands

Whether they’re looking for the latest designer brands, or shopping on a shoestring, customers aren’t short of places to look when it comes to buying shoes.

So, you need to make sure your advertising is the perfect fit to capture their attention.

And as they are increasingly jumping between channels on and offline – from laptop, to mobile, in-app and instore – tracking the true effectiveness of your marketing mix is harder than ever.

And knowing where to increase and cut budget is a nightmare.

So, it could be time to give your marketing measurement a polish.

Take a walk in your customers shoes

Just like your products, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for tracking the customer journey.

Most off-the-shelf attribution tools still rely on cookies to track users, but they’re stored as an ID within a browser on a device.

So, as soon as the user switches their mode of shopping, their customer journey is broken.

That’s why we’ve swapped cookies for AI.

Our patented approach understands the value of every step along the path to conversion so you can clearly see what’s working and what isn’t in your marketing mix.

It’s time to stamp out bias in your AdTech reporting

With almost 50% of digital marketing spend piling into Google and Facebook, it is essential that you are on top of the performance of these channels.

However, marketers are increasingly concerned about their ability to reconcile the data they are receiving from GA and Facebook analytics, as there are often big discrepancies in the revenue being reported by both.

Consider the example below:

  • A user is on Facebook and sees a promo advert for your shoe brand
  • They click through to your online store but only browse at that point
  • 7 days later they see an ad on YouTube for your brand
  • They decide to make a search on Google for one of your shoe products
  • And see a PPC ad for the product and click to buy

Google, which is using Last Click attribution gives 100% of the credit to the PPC ad but Facebook does almost the polar opposite by fully crediting the initial Facebook ad.

And neither takes any account of the impact of the touchpoints in between.

Sidestep AdTech attribution issues using Corvidae

Corvidae on desktop

Corvidae, our patented cookieless attribution solution enables shoe brands to take AdTech attribution issues out of the equation.

Using a patented combination of AI and Machine Learning it delivers an average of +95% predictive accuracy and enables shoe marketers to:

  • Achieve new levels of marketing performance – by gaining a true cross-device, cross-channel view of the customer journey.
  • Break down AdTech data silos – and remove the impact of channel silo reporting by completely rebuilding your data from the ground up.
  • Make better informed budget decisions – and optimise your marketing performance by reallocating spend, reducing CPA levels and increasing campaign ROAS.

Helping QUIZ find a better fit for their attribution data

Fashion retailer Quiz were looking to uncover the truth behind their AdTech reporting data.

Their core issue was the fact that Facebook analytics was reporting £450k for a specific campaign.

While, at the same time, GA was reporting 20X less revenue – at just £20k for the same activity!

By using Corvidae to effectively rebuild their broken marketing data we were able to establish the true revenue generation figure which was just under £250k.

The focus was then to use the analysis to re-optimise the campaign by reallocating wasted spend into areas where it would have more impact.

“We’ve managed to reattribute about 60% of the revenue to other channels, versus GA.

“And so that’s immediately helped us to understand, some channels are performing better than we thought.

“Before attribution, we would be doing a lot of A/B testing, and playing around with the different figures and different budgets, etc.

“But with attribution, we can remove all of that and be a bit more accurate and scientific. At the end of the day, we have to look at what is the impact on the bottom line – that net ROI figure.”

– Head of Ecommerce, QUIZ

Put your best marketing foot forward

When it comes to finding effective attribution, it really is time to put your best foot forward.

Try attribution the Corvidae way.

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