Marketing in the Cookieless Future

The latest industry insights into how retailers are preparing for the removal of third-party cookies.

Marketing in the cookieless future - attribution report cover

The decision by Google to end the use of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser has emerged as one of the key issues for retail marketers recently.

But how aware are they of the implications of the change?

And what types of solutions are they planning to put in place to minimise the impact on their marketing activity?

We set to find out with our latest industry report.

We hope you find the results insightful – and that they help to set you on track to prepare for the cookieless future.

Knowledge and preparation

How marketers are viewing the removal of cookies and current levels of preparation.

A review of existing solutions

How marketers are reacting to existing solutions
– and if they plan to make any changes to their MarTech stack.

Life after cookies

How marketers plan to optimise their activity following the removal of third-party cookies.

About the report.

In April 2023, Censuswide, commissioned by Corvidae, surveyed 150 CMOs, Marketing Directors/VPs, Ecommerce Directors/VPs, Head of Data, Head of Analytics and Performance Marketing Directors within the UK.

The survey covered topics ranging from existing knowledge of the change, solutions being considered and the main challenges businesses foresee in the cookieless future.

Respondents of the survey were all working within the Retail and eCommerce space.

Survey Overview Chart
Chris Liversidge

“2023/24 are likely to be watershed years for marketers. Those who come equipped to deal with the cookieless world will thrive; those who are not ready will struggle.”

– Chris Liversidge, CEO & Founder

Key findings.


concerned loss of third-party cookies will impact ability to understand marketing effectiveness.


still reliant on cookies to support their marketing efforts.


believe cookies provide accurate data.


don’t believe Google will really cut out the cookie.


intend to implement a solution for the cookieless future in the next 12 months.


claim finding a solution is a medium priority for them.

“The modern customer journey is too nuanced for cookie-based tracking. Marketers need to switch to a solution that can keep up with their users – and their business.”

– Simon Tapson, Head of Product

Simon Tapson

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