On-demand Webinar

Marketing in the Cookieless Future: The Latest Industry Insights


Chris Liversidge, Joe Kavvadias, Claud Monro

The removal of third-party cookies has been looming over us for a long time. With recent updates from Google and competitors ramping up alternative solutions, it’s feeling more and more likely that they will in fact make the switch later this year.

So, how are marketers preparing for the change? And what can you do to get ahead of the competition?

In this webinar, Chris Liversidge, Joe Kavvadias and Claud Monro discuss the latest insights from our newly released survey.

What you’ll learn:

  • Knowledge and preparation: How marketers are viewing the removal of cookies – and current levels of preparation
  • A review of existing solutions: How marketers are reacting to existing solutions- and if they plan to make any changes to their MarTech stack
  • Life after cookies: How marketers plan to optimise their activity following the removal of third-party cookies