Corvidae Overview

Optimise your Google Ads with Longer Customer Journeys

Increase your ROAS by automating the deployment of Corvidae’s stitched data straight into your Google Ads activities.

corvidae and google ads
Customer Journey - Platform Ads - Marketing Funnel
Customer Journey - Platform Ads - Marketing Funnel

Gain a fully attributed single source of truth with AI

Corvidae uses a patented AI-stitching method to produce customer journeys that are 2-3x longer than Google Analytics. On its own, this single source of truth allows you to see the full customer journey, and our platform-agnostic approach means you can trust that we aren’t trying to increase your spending on certain platforms.

These longer pathways show a much clearer picture of the journeys your customers went on before they converted, and unlike cookie-based solutions, it doesn’t matter if they switched devices part-way through the journey.

Visualised clickstream data
Visualised clickstream data
is cookie-free attribution a myth eBook

Is Cookie-Free Attribution a Myth?

Longer Customer Journeys

Longer Customer Journeys for Smart Campaign Google Ads Optimisation

Longer customer journeys help you to specifically target the top of your marketing funnel where advertising costs are lower, and there’s less competition from rivals who are still dependent on first and last-touch attribution models.

When fed into Google Ads, Corvidae stitched data provides an average of 55% more events for Google to optimise ad performance in Smart Campaigns!

Cut CPAs and Boost ROAS with no Impact on Performance

Corvidae clients have seen some incredible results by deploying our Google Ads automation. From an 89% increase in ROAS to a 34% decrease in cost per conversion, targeting the top of funnel with Corvidae produces enviable performance.

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