30 Attribution Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

Attribution statistics

Marketing attribution is key to understanding what’s working and what isn’t to drive growth for your business.

But often, it can feel like a complicated topic to get our heads around. And that’s because it is.

There are so many variables involved with effective attribution.

Whether it’s finding the right attribution model for your goals, building knowledge and capabilities within your business or the seemingly endless string of challenges impacting modern marketing measurement, there can be a lot to keep up with.

So, to help you get your head around a few of the key areas – as well as gaining an insight into industry trends – we’ve collated all the attribution statistics you need to know.

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The current state of attribution

  • 98% consider attribution to be an important part of their MarTech stack (Source: QueryClick)
  • 42% report attribution manually, using spreadsheets (Source: econsultancy)
  • 63% believe that the ideal state of marketing attribution means being able to track customers throughout the full marketing and sales funnel (Source: Bazaarvoice)
  • 41% use last touch as their attribution approach for online channels (Source: Bazaarvoice)
  • 52% are currently using attribution reporting (Source: HubSpot)
  • 64% don’t have quantitative tools for demonstrating the impact of marketing spend on company performance (Source: Deloitte)

Importance of attribution

  • 49% say increasing customer acquisition is their primary objective (Source: Ascend2)
  • 73% use multiple channels to shop (Source: Harvard Business Review)
  • 53% of marketing decisions are influenced by marketing analytics (Source: Gartner)

Attribution challenges

  • 62% think data to support cross channel decision making is broken (Source: QueryClick)
  • 81% are concerned about AdTech reporting bias (Source: QueryClick)
  • 70% struggle to act on the insights they gain from attribution (Source: AdRoll)
  • 25% say organisational and structural challenges are the main reason for not adopting data-driven attribution (Source: Think with Google)
  • 31% say they can’t track consumers across devices (Source: Internet Retailer)
  • 38% say data analytics is among their top five biggest issues (Source)
  • 9% rate their company’s current understanding of data-driven attribution as excellent (Source: ClickZ)

Removal of cookies

Attribution statistics - marketing in the cookieless future
  • 75% don’t believe Google will cut out the cookie (Source: Corvidae)
  • 34% believe the removal of third-party cookies will have a negative impact on their business (Source: QueryClick)
  • 80% say attribution will become a more important part of the MarTech stack following the removal of third-party cookies (Source: QueryClick)
  • 97% are concerned loss of third-party cookies will impact ability to understand marketing effectiveness (Source: Corvidae)
  • 83% still reliant on cookies to support marketing (Source: Corvidae)
  • 79% believe cookies provide accurate data (Source: Corvidae)
  • 61% intend to implement a solution in the next 12 months (Source: Corvidae)
  • 51% claim finding a solution is a medium priority (Source: Corvidae)
  • 43% reviewing Google’s replacement technologies as a solution to the removal of third-party cookies (Source: Corvidae)

Attribution software

  • 34% believe speed of deployment and ROI on cost are most important when considering an attribution tool (Source: QueryClick)
  • 57% are frustrated by complex attribution tools that don’t deliver for day-to-day optimisation decisions (Source: QueryClick)
  • 55% wouldn’t buy attribution solutions that are ‘black box’ (Source: QueryClick)
  • 45% don’t trust attribution provided by AdTech vendors (Source: QueryClick)
  • 43% believe an ideal measurement solution provides a unified cross-channels view (Source)

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Marketing in the Cookieless Future