14 Marketing Attribution Tools to Consider in 2024

Marketing attribution tools

In an industry that is currently dealing with a high degree of change – from the lingering impact of iOS 14.5 to the impending death of third-party cookies – the need for an effective attribution tool is front and centre for most marketers.

What is an attribution tool?

An attribution tool is a software product that is designed to show the entire customer journey including all touchpoints that lead to the end conversion and the weighted importance of each step in that journey.

Why do we need an attribution tool?

To be effective as marketers it is important to be able to identify the impact of our marketing activities on each, and every, touchpoint of the customer journey.

As these customer journeys have become increasing complex – taking place both on and offline, across a range of devices and locations – it has become more difficult for marketers to get a clear view on the success or otherwise of their marketing efforts.

Attribution tools enable marketers to better understand the conversion impact of the media they are using in their campaign efforts. From display and social at the top end of the marketing funnel right down to retargeting activity at the bottom end.

However, they come in various different shapes and sizes from omnichannel, multi-touch solutions – that include cookieless options – to single point solutions that measure the impact of single channels like TV advertising, call centres and apps.

In this blog, we give you a head start in your search – with a summary of the categories on offer and some of the solutions available in each, including:

Cookieless attribution tools

These are omnichannel attribution solutions which do not rely on cookies for tracking.


Attribution tools - Corvidae

Corvidae is a cookieless attribution solution which leverages the power of patented AI and Machine Learning techniques to assess the effectiveness of your marketing activity at a channel, campaign and keyword level.

Main features of Corvidae

  • Enables you to boost the accuracy of analytics data from 20% to +95%
  • Rebuilds your existing broken marketing data from the ground up using AI and Machine Learning and unifies on and offline data
  • Identifies complete individual user journeys from every touchpoint across devices and locations
  • Predictive analytics identify the optimal level of spend for each campaign
  • Fully GDPR compliant

Corvidae works well for

Marketing and analytics teams looking to futureproof their analytics with a cookieless, compliant and accurate solution.

As well as those who require a view of the performance of their media right across the customer journey.

Corvidae pricing

Corvidae’s attribution packages are custom built based on your needs – and full pricing is available on request.

Is there a downside to Corvidae?

Maybe not so much of a downside, as more something to be aware of, Corvidae in its core form is best suited to B2C companies which have an online play and spend significant portions of their marketing budgets on Facebook and Google. Ideally with annual digital media spend over £250,000.

If you are in any doubt don’t hesitate to contact our team who will be pleased to explore your attribution challenges and schedule a demo.

Onboarding is very simple with the deployment of our first-party pixel – and you can have accurate and actionable attribution data from as little as 30 days.

Omnichannel attribution tools

Attribution solutions that are focused on unified attribution across a range of different channels, including:

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is the attribution solution which is built into the Adobe platform for marketing.

Main features of Adobe Analytics

  • Customer journey analytics
  • Actionable profiles from cross-channel data
  • Privacy and governance controls

Adobe Analytics works well for

Teams that are already using the Adobe platform.

Adobe Analytics pricing

Available on request but expect to pay a heavy price tag of upwards of $30,000 a year.

Is there a downside to Adobe Analytics?

The complexity of the solution means there is quite a steep learning curve and resources needed to get up and running.

Google Attribution

Attribution tools - Google Attribution

Google Attribution is Google’s free cross-channel multi-touch attribution solution based on Adometry, which Google acquired in 2014.

Main features of Google Attribution

  • Provides central data dashboard for attribution including traffic, geo and campaign analytics
  • Provides insight into the customer journey
  • Provides additional insight for Google Ads campaigns
  • Determines broader trends like demographics/personas for conversions

Google Attribution works well for

Teams that are heavily focused on Google Ads and other products inside the Google platform.

Google Attribution pricing


Is there a downside to Google Attribution?

Google Attribution is still in its infancy.

And like other Google products, it is heavily tipped towards attribution and use with the wider Google ecosystem.

There is also quite a hefty learning curve involved with it.

Attribution tools - TruAudience


TruAudience™ Analytics Solution is part of a portfolio of marketing solutions from TransUnion (TransUnion acquired the product set when it purchased Neustar® in 2021).

Main features of TruAudience™

  • Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) – provides insight across marketing channels based on sales, ROI and brand health performance
  • Marketing Attribution – enables you to analyse and optimise marketing tactics across the customer journey
  • Optimizer – delivers access to real-time analytics across the marketing mix in one SaaS platform

TruAudience™ works well for

Marketers looking to attribute the effectiveness of their media efforts right across the customer journey.

TruAudience™ pricing

Available on request.

Is there a downside to TruAudience™?

The trade-off for a fairly complex feature set is potentially some compromise in usability.

B2B attribution tools

Attribution tools that are specifically focused on the needs of B2B brands, including:

Attribution tools - Dreamdata


Dreamdata’s B2B Revenue Attribution platform enables marketers to pull data from across go to market channels to provide detailed insight to the customer journey.

Main features of Dreamdata

  • Revenue analytics
  • Customer journeys
  • Performance attribution
  • Data platform

Dreamdata works well for

B2B marketers.

Dreamdata pricing

Dreamdata operates a tiered pricing structure including:

  • Free
  • Team – from $599 per month
  • Business – from $1,499 per month
  • Enterprise – available on request

Is there a downside to Dreamdata?

This is a tool which is fairly well positioned in the B2B arena and is likely not the right fit for B2C marketers.

It also has quite a degree of complexity which means that it can take time to get up and running.

Possibly not a choice for those who are new to marketing attribution who may well find it too much to take on.

App tracking attribution tools

Attribution tools that deliver attribution for mobile apps, including:

Attribution tools - Appsflyer


Focused specifically on the performance of your mobile apps, AppsFlyer is designed to provide more visibility of campaigns to help you maximise customer lifetime value.

Main features of AppsFlyer

  • Measurement suite that tracks every action on mobile, web and CTV
  • Marketing analytics designed to prove incrementality
  • Predictive analytics and audience segmentation

AppsFlyer works well for

Marketers, developers and product managers using business mobile apps for marketing and who are focused on developing the effectiveness of their apps.

AppsFlyer pricing

Starts from free, with a growth option at 7 cents per conversion and then custom models for Enterprise – with full pricing on request.

Is there a downside to AppsFlyer?

The upside of lots of functionality also has the potential downside of a steep learning curve associated with it.

The fact that the attribution logic is fixed and the lack of connection to other data sets like those in GA might restrict the capability for wider attribution.

Call tracking attribution tools

Attribution solutions that focus on attribution for inbound call activity, including:

Attribution tools - Callrail


CallRail is an attribution tool that enables marketers to understand what parts of your marketing campaign spend is driving inbound calls in order to optimise activity, reduce costs and boost ROI.

Main features of CallRail

  • Call tracking – the ability to identify what is driving inbound calls in order to personalise inbound experiences
  • Conversational intelligence – uses AI to transcribe calls, analyse them and attribute calls to the campaigns driving them
  • Form tracking – the ability to understand the journey from first click to conversion

CallRail works well for

Businesses who are looking to track and personalise inbound calls, form completions and text or chat.

CallRail pricing

Tiered pricing is available depending on which products you select. Call tracking starts at $40 per month and scales to $170 a month for additional services including form tracking, premium conversation intelligence and their analytics suite.

Is there a downside to CallRail?

The pricing structure needs some consideration as costs can potentially increase quite significantly and quickly if you have growth in your usage.


Attribution tools - Marchex

Marchex provides actionable intelligence that helps companies to drive more inbound calls and drive conversion up on those calls.

Main features of Marchex

  • Call tracking and web form tracking capability
  • Multi-channel attribution helps you to understand your customer journey
  • Analytics that help you understand call outcomes and help boost ad spend

Marchex works well for

Businesses whose marketing is heavily focused on driving inbound call requests and texts at volume.

Marchex pricing

They offer a free monthly trial with pricing available on request.

Is there a downside to Marchex?

There are some isolated reports of data related issues with the system and the way that it tracks metrics.

Attribution tools - Ruler analytics

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics is primarily a B2B marketing attribution and call tracking tool which uses closed-loop attribution to provide revenue and conversions in one location.

Main features of Ruler Analytics

  • Lead tracking – track activity on forms, chatbots and calls
  • Offline conversions – connect offline activity from your CRM to your customer’s online journey

Ruler Analytics works well for

Marketers looking for a low cost solution for call tracking.

Ruler Analytics pricing

The pricing for Ruler Analytics starts at £199 per month.

Is there a downside to Ruler Analytics?

Ruler Analytics allows marketers to integrate their attribution tool with Google Analytics to measure ROI.

They use the Google Click or Client ID to connect the journey; they then also feed the revenue from CRM to GA – but they have no bespoke data-driven model of their own.

TV and Broadcast media attribution tools

Attribution tools that specifically focus on measuring the performance of Broadcast media channels, including:

Attribution tools - Innovid


InnovidXP (formerly TV Squared) is a single, unified platform measuring impressions, reach and outcomes across linear and digital TV, including OTT.

Processes over one billion video impressions daily, covers 210 DMAs and 75 countries, and measures ads across over 95+ million households, including walled gardens.

Main features of InnovidXP

  • Delivers a unified view of converge TV campaigns performance and audience measurement
  • Reach and frequency metrics that are always on
  • Measurable KPIs that tie TV ads to business outcomes and ROI
  • Expansive household footprint of CTV homes

InnovidXP works well for

Broadcast and digital TV advertisers.

InnovidXP pricing

Pricing is available on request.

Is there a downside to InnovidXP?

There are some concerns that the approach being used is slightly behind the curve in what is a rapidly changing marketplace.


Attribution tools - iSpot.tv

iSpot.tv delivers attribution for your TV ads with data and analytics geared towards measuring viewer attention on-screen.

It measures creative effectiveness, impressions, performance and second-by-second attention of TV ads across 52m TVs and Set Top Boxes.

Main features of iSpotTV

  • Creative assessment – premarket ad testing and in-market benchmarking
  • Measurement – media measurement and competitive intelligence with attention analytics and unified measurement
  • Attribution – TV conversions, incremental lift and cross-channel attribution
  • Advanced analytics – segment analytics and exposure level ad data

iSpotTV works well for

Agencies and brands who are investing heavily in TV advertising.

iSpotTV pricing

Available on request.

Is there a downside to iSpotTV?

Probably priced for the largest advertisers, nothing for mid-sized players. Reporting can be a little rigid.

Veritone Attribute

Attribution tools - Veritone Attribute

Veritone Attribute is a broadcast attribution solution that enables you to evaluate the success of linear TV and radio campaigns by bringing together ad schedules with web traffic in real-time.

Main features of Veritone Attribute

  • Correlate web traffic with broadcast campaigns in real-time
  • Provide credit for in-content mentions
  • Track campaign performance and adjust ads on the fly
  • Build reporting around understandable metrics
  • Create unique reporting dashboards and adjust attribution time spans

Veritone Attribute works well for

Television and radio broadcasters who are using other Veritone products and solutions

Veritone Attribute pricing

Pricing for Veritone Attribute is available on request.

Is there a downside to Veritone Attribute?

There are some reports that the data takes time to process which can be quite extensive at times.

Podcast tracking attribution tools

Attribution tools for measuring the effectiveness of podcasts, including.


Attribution tools - Chartable

Chartable offers podcast analytics and attribution for publishers to growth their brands and for agencies to understand the impact of their client spend.

Main features of Chartable

  • Track the impact on your funnel – using a link-based approach to finding out which channels drive listener growth
  • Podcast to podcast attribution – analytics that attribute the most effective channels for growth as you place promotional spots or drop in episodes on other podcasts
  • Analytics – track the performance of all podcasts in one place and track the relationships between marketing and other paid advertising

Chartable works well for

Podcast publishers and advertisers looking for insight into the performance of podcast content.

Chartable pricing

Starts from free for non-commercial users, Pro is £50 a month and Enterprise pricing is available on request.

Is there a downside to Chartable?

There are some reports of usability issues with the interface.

Offline activity tracking attribution tools

Attribution tools for tracking the performance of offline marketing activity including:

Attribution tools - Leadsrx


LeadsRx is a SaaS based marketing attribution software platform that helps brands and agencies to understand the impact of their activities across channels.

Use of their LeadsRx Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™ and built-in identity graph technologies allows them to stitch together journeys across devices and browsers.

Main features of LeadsRx

There are 3 key strands to their offering.

  • LeadsRx Attribution – measure across all channels
  • LeadRx Privacy Studio – establish a privacy first approach to data
  • LeadsRx Journey – optimise conversion paths

LeadsRx works well for

Both B2B and B2C businesses, as well as marketing agencies looking to assess offline marketing efforts.

LeadsRx pricing

Pricing is available on request.

Is there a downside to LeadsRx?

The depth of functionality means that LeadsRx can be challenging to learn. And reliance on external connections to data sources like Google and Adobe means you are dependent on tools that can be changed e.g. GA4 to UA migration.

Embedded attribution tools or solutions

Before we close our assessment off, it is also worth noting that a number of marketing automation platform vendors have also developed marketing attribution functionality as part of their existing product infrastructure.

There is no real independence to their approach here, with the focus being very much on using the Analytics and Attribution capabilities in these tools – which is not heavyweight in any shape or form – as a means to tie customers to their platforms.

The focus within these products is very much on evaluating the effectiveness of the types of media the platforms themselves support from a marketing perspective.

These solutions include products like:

  • Hubspot Reporting
  • Pardot Analytics and Reporting (part of the Salesforce offering)
  • Active Campaign reporting and attribution

By their very nature they appeal to heavy users of the platforms themselves.

Download our buyers guide to attribution

So, that was a quick introduction to some of the attribution tools that are available to you.

But if you want to know more about how to choose the right tool for you, then why not download a copy of our buyers guide for more help and advice on the topic, including:

  • What is attribution and why is it so important?
  • Some common misconceptions about attribution technology
  • 4 clear signs you might need a better attribution solution
  • Helpful tips for choosing the right solution for your needs
  • Some guiding thoughts to factor into your selection process

Buyer’s Guide to Attribution