On-demand Webinar

Before the Click: Optimising Google Ads with Longer Customer Journeys


Chris Liversidge, Claud Monro

Google Ads can be a minefield to get to grips with, with new updates being released constantly, and best practice always evolving. But, Did you know it is possible to feed longer customer journey data into the platform to improve your results and optimise the bidding process?

Join Chris Liversidge and Claud Monro as they dive into how you can optimise Google Ads with Longer Customer Journeys, and the kinds of results our customers are seeing!

What you’ll learn:

  • How Corvidae uses AI and deep machine learning to stitch together customer touchpoints into accurate customer journeys
  • Insight into how we feed this customer data into Google Ads to better target the full funnel.
  • A look at the results our customers are seen through utilising Google Ads automation with Corvidae Attribution.