5 Adverity Alternatives and Competitors

Adverity alternatives

According to our own research over 60% of marketers think that the data to support cross-channel decision-making is broken.

If you are reading this blog, then you are probably considering Adverity as a solution to this exact problem for your business.

Whilst the platform has its own merits – and drawbacks – ensuring that you consider alternatives is a logical part of the decision-making process for purchasing this type of analytics tool.

Here, we give you a head-start on the process with:

What is Adverity?

Adverity is a marketing analytics platform that offers data aggregation, analysis and visualisation that is designed to help brands and marketers to capture, manage and query data.

This allows marketers to make informed decisions based on detailed data and advanced reporting capabilities.

It is typically used to pull together disparate marketing data from a range of individual silos, including:

  • paid advertising
  • social media
  • marketing automation
  • CRM platforms

Which is then used to provide actionable data dashboards and insights to help drive marketing optimisation and ROI.

Adverity interface

Pros and cons of Adverity


  • Provides the opportunity to bring all of your data together under one roof.
  • Adverity is going to open up opportunities for you in terms of the type of data that can be integrated as it has a large number of integrations already available.
  • Many existing customers point to a high quality of customer service.


  • A heavily technical product that is going to need a significant level of expertise to pick up and run with.
  • Much of the anecdotal evidence from existing Adverity users points to a very steep learning curve in the early stages of onboarding.
  • Professional services support is limited to basic onboarding of the product, so you are going to have to ensure you are well resourced with staff who have good technical knowledge with tools like Python etc.
  • There are limitations in the terms of look and feel of dashboarding and reporting visualisations.

5 Adverity alternatives to consider

So, Adverity is one possible choice as you consider your analytics and analytics tools options.

But here are 5 Adverity alternatives that are worthy of consideration too:

1. Corvidae

Corvidae is a cookieless, AI-driven attribution tool that provides marketers with a true understanding of their marketing performance by rebuilding their broken underlying analytics data.

It enables you to break down data silos and unify your data into one single view that lets you understand what is driving conversion right across your marketing mix.

The patented session stitching technology typically reveals twice as many attributable touchpoints within a customer journey compared to typical marketing analytics tools.

And delivers significant results for campaign optimisation, including:

  • 20:1 ROAS on Google Ads
  • 35:1 ROAS on Facebook
Corvidae interface

Pros and cons of Corvidae


  • By rebuilding your broken marketing data from the ground up it provides marketers a better, AI driven analytics view of conversion right across the entire customer journey.
  • Corvidae lets you drill into what is, and isn’t working at a channel, campaign and individual creative level so you can boost your customer acquisition strategy.
  • Uncovers lower cost CPA opportunities further up the funnel which has reduced the cost of customer acquisition for clients by up to 87.5%.
  • The AI used continually learns over time to improve spend optimisation on an ongoing basis.


  • Corvidae works best when it has enough data and digital touchpoints to ingest and when there is a clear path to purchase. So, B2B businesses and those who are spending less than £250,000 per year on digital advertising may not be best suited for this tool.

How much does Corvidae cost?

Corvidae deployments typically begin at the £1,999 per month mark.

Custom pricing is also available, which is based on the level of data within your business and add-ons including integrations.

If you’d like a free quote, get in touch with our team.

2. Funnel

Adverity alternatives - Funnel

Funnel is mission control for your marketing data and acts as a central hub for it.

It effectively sitting in the middle of your data analytics and reporting suite – and enables you to:

  • quickly bring together data from a wide range of over 500 marketing sources including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok, and Adobe Analytics, using a combination of ‘off-the-shelf’ and custom connectors.
  • store all of this data centrally in one place.
  • transform this raw data without the need for coding to make it available for analysis.
  • share this data with team members or other tools.
Funnel interface

Pros and cons of Funnel


  • Quick and easy to get up and running – the ability to configure using existing connectors speeds this process up.
  • Provides a relatively easy to understand interface compared to some of the more complex analytics tools out there.
  • Reports online suggest that Customer Support is good.


  • Limitations in the extent of the connectors mean this is focused on connecting only marketing sources of data.
  • Scheduling capability for real-time boards has restrictions and manual elements.
  • There are limitations in the extent to which you can graph and visualise data.
  • Custom connections can add to the price if you want to integrate data from outside their standard list of connectors.

How much does Funnel cost?

Funnel is available in a tiered pricing format depending on your level of usage:

  • Free for a plan which has a limited number of flexpoints and data destinations.
  • Starter version for £320 a month (with increased flexpoint availability).
  • a more fully featured business package which costs £900 a month.

Enterprise pricing is also available on request.

The lack of custom analytics capability within Funnel means that it most likely appeals to marketers and agencies using the marketing channels that they offer out-of-the-box connectors for.

3. Improvado

Adverity alternatives - Improvado

Improvado is an enterprise level marketing data platform that allows you to:

  • extract data from a wide range of marketing channel sources.
  • centralise it in a single data warehouse.
  • transform its value through a granular level of cross-channel attribution.
  • analyse it to improve marketing performance.

It offers a range of features – from data extraction, to modelling capabilities, and discovery and insights functionality – that is designed to boost your ARR by acquiring and retaining customers through high value journeys.

Improvado interface

Pros and cons of Improvado


  • ‘Out-of-the-box’ integrations make it quick and easy to pull data from the marketing channel sources you are using.
  • Huge savings in time terms with data collation and aggregation which enables you to focus more time on data analysis.
  • Provides white-labelled dashboards.
  • Boasts a wide range of compliance with SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA.


  • Is a relatively high-cost solution depending on your needs to won’t appeal to everyone.
  • Data visualisation capabilities are potentially a bit lightweight when compared with the competition.

How much does Improvado cost?

Improvado has tiered pricing with scaled features from Growth (for expanding firms) to an Advanced package for larger companies and Enterprise for complex requirements.

You need to schedule a demo to learn pricing.

4. TapClicks

Adverity alternatives - Tapclicks

TapClicks is a marketing analytics platform that enables you to:

  • capture data from a range of 200 of the most commonly used media channels.
  • centralise them in a data management platform.
  • analyse the data to find hidden trend and opportunities.
  • and share dashboards and analytics to the visualisation tools of your choice.

All with the goal of helping you develop smarter marketing strategies and optimise your spend.

TapClicks interface

Pros and cons of TapClicks


  • Can see across multiple channels and campaigns in a single interface.
  • Relatively easy to import data from the marketing channels you are using via a series of connectors.
  • Dashboard templates and widgets make the process of getting up and running relatively quick.
  • Reduces the amount of time spent on manually collating data for reporting purposes.


  • Can run into problems when working with non-standard data sources.
  • Historically has not allowed for much customisation in integrations (although there are suggestions that this is changing).
  • Some reports are suggesting the customer services can be difficult to reach.

How much does TapClicks cost?

No pricing is available on their site – so you need to contact them to for a demo and free trial to evaluate.

5. Segment

Adverity alternatives - Segment

Segment from Twilio is a developer-first platform that enables you to collect events from your website and mobile apps and clean the data using an AI-driven approach.

It allows you to create a single view of customer touchpoints across all platforms and channels.

Then, you can use the data gathered to deliver unified and personalised marketing experiences in real-time and provide centralised access – to deliver improved analytics across your marketing, product and engineering teams.

Segment interface

Pros and cons of Segment


  • A high level of integrations offers the potential to bring your data from a range of channels all in one place.
  • Documentation and support for developers is good to help ensure you get the system up and running.


  • Quite a technical solution that is going to need expert resource to get started.
  • There have been significant rises in pricing for the tool which might not suit everyone -especially if your site and app volumes are high.
  • Segment does not give you total control over your data which may have implications for data protection and security.

How much does Segment cost?

Segment is available from a free version which includes up to 1,000 visitors a month and 2 sources, through a Team version where visits go up to 10,000 a month with unlimited sources for $120 a month.

As well as providing a more heavyweight Business version with custom pricing based on specific volume requirements.

Re-evaluating your MarTech stack

With so many challenges coming our way, it’s crucial that your MarTech stack, predominantly your marketing analytics, is ready for the future of measurement.

And the truth of the matter is, your analytics can only ever be as good as the data you put into it.

Inaccurate, broken data will produce unreliable reports.

Corvidae uses a globally patented approach to fixing and re-stitching broken analytics data using unique AI techniques.

To find out more about Corvidae’s cookieless AI-driven attribution, and how it:

  • boosts the accuracy of your marketing analytics from 20% to +95%.
  • helps you get a more accurate view of performance right across your marketing mix.
  • removes the impact of data silos and helps you rebuild your data right across the customer journey.
  • enables you to make informed decisions and optimise your spend.

Download our Getting Started with Corvidae guide below. Or, get in touch with our team here.

Getting Started With Corvidae