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Corvidae Integrations

As we grow beyond our Essential Corvidae deployment, our bank of active and prototype integrations grows with us. Corvidae currently sources data from key MarTech and AdTech ecosystems, rebuilds and integrates them into its AI...


Corvidae Onboarding and Wraparound Support

Our personalised onboarding includes a thorough discovery phase, including data audits to ensure robust, ongoing data capture. Our experienced team are authentic specialists in their fields, too, so you can rest easy knowing your data...


Corvidae and Walled Gardens

What is a walled garden?​  A walled garden is an organization which keeps its technology, information, and user data to itself, with no intention of sharing it. It’s a closed ecosystem, operated by people within the...


Corvidae Tracking Hub

How do we track clicks & impressions? Once the pixel is placed on the client’s website we need to tell it information about the clickstream data it collects so that we can categorise each visit...


Validating Data Accuracy

We use anonymised test and train sets from our customers’ historic data to build and validate our models. These sets are made up of thousands of transacting and non-transacting journeys. The transacting journeys have transaction...